Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Being charged with a criminal offense is daunting. You have to prepare a defense all while you are trying to maintain your normal life. Meanwhile, just being charged may result in you losing your job..

The chances of conviction are great. The state or federal government has almost unlimited resources when prosecuting you. Although there are no guarantees in the legal system, you need the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney like Jill Bolton, founder of Bolton Law PLLC.

Federal and State Felony Criminal Defense

At Bolton Law, we know what to expect from the other side. Jill Bolton spent several years as a deputy state prosecutor. She moved from there to spend 13 years as a federal prosecutor. So, whether you have been charged in state of federal court, she knows how to help you.

Both state and federal crimes carry severe penalties. If it is not your first offense, the penalties will be enhanced. No matter how minor the charge may seem, nor how serious, you are entitled to due process of law, the right to full disclosure of the government’s evidence, the right to confront and cross-examine witnesses, the right to remain silent and hold the government to their burden of proof, to affirmatively present your own defense, and to a full and fair trial by a jury of your peers. .

At Bolton Law, we make certain that all of your constitutional rights are protected. We know when negotiating for reduced charges or penalties is the right thing to do. If taking your case to trial is in your best interest, we have the skills and experience to move your case to trial also. Some of the specific areas we work in include:

  • White collar crimes/fraud – A white collar crime is defined as “A crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.” Allegations against you and your business can end your professional career and damage your reputation beyond repair. Early intervention to prevent charges as soon as you become aware of an investigation is critical.
  • Drug trafficking – Penalties are severe whether the charges are in state or federal court. Detail oriented review of the government’s evidence and skilled examination of government witnesses is your best defense.
  • Firearms possession – Many criminal convictions and domestic violence actions can impact your right to possess firearms and ammunition. Possessing a firearm as a prohibited person or in combination with other crimes can result in lengthy sentences.
  • Driving under the influence – DUI and juvenile crimes are charged in state court.

At Bolton Law, we fight to obtain the best possible outcome for you no matter what criminal offense you have been accused of committing. Contact our office as soon as possible.